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What's the 4-01?

Well... it's been a while friends.. Alot has happened....

Many of you may not know but a little over 2 years ago, I lost my husband to two forms of Cancer, Leukemia and Lymphoma. I lost all desire to do anything dealing with fashion or otherwise. I was lost. I was now missing my best friend. I was a single mom and widow. Life just .... went crazy.

A short time after BEAR passed away, I was offered a role in a network tv series. But it wasn't just ANY role. I was the lead, the starring role in a series called, BLACK SHERO, on the upcoming DEMITV network. My GOD.. the things I have changed and overcome has been nothing short of amazing. I got a new smile... something that has bothered me for YEARS. I found a new love.. Lord, if you follow our TIK TOKS ( @fullfiguredfierce)they are hilarious. And... most important.. I found ME.. I found a way for me to LOVE me and LOVE ON ME again.

It seems that life started over and I was on my way, right?

Well not exactly, see I still had some unfinished business with BEAR. I had told him that I would do one last show. I wanted to keep my promise to him. So, I got the crew together had a casting and we are on our way to celebrating not only the life of Bear but my dear friend and mother of my sister/friend and Full Figured Fierce Sister Circle, Michelle Prout who also is our guardian angel from this devastating disease.

Cancer has since hit my family 3 more times since Bear and Michelle's passing so we are going to do our part to help those suffering with it. It is our goal to purchase gas cards, and gift cards and fill the pantry of CCI to the brim. It's where Bear got his treatments. That team was amazing. I made them a promise and I plan to keep it.

I hope you all will join us in helping those patients in need to have the everyday necessities they need. This event is so much more than a fashion show. So much more... So, on APRIL 1, ( 401) not our actual anniversary of March 19, we will put our FOOT on the NECK of Cancer.. Why not the actual anniversary? Well that's because my show debuts the night of my anniversary.. Crazy how that worked out huh?

Just know Tickets will go on sale soon. This show will be limited in space but the week will be jam packed.

Hope to see you all there...

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