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For those of you who know me, you know that for the last few years, I have suffered with a very painful issue with my ankle. Somedays, I can't even walk or stand, hence the boot at my show last year. Well, last Saturday about 1 a.m., I decided that I was going to go to Ty Bennu-Neteru Mediation and Stretch Class at The Spot Barbershop and Fitness Studio. I didn't know what to expect but I knew that my body needed and deserved more than the pain it was in. I have been missing my work outs ( Cardio) but it was just to painful. So, I thought .. maybe this will help if nothing more to relax me and have some " ME TIME".  I have to tell you I am SOOOOO glad I went. YES, it hurt!  Not even going to lie about that...But it was suppsed to because I haven't been active the way I should. Just because we are PLUS models doesn't  mean that we don't have to work out.

Baby, when I tell you I needed that. I didn't think I would make it through the entire class but he kept telling us to talk to ourselves and our muscles.. It was easy for me to do because it reminded me of the LOVE Letters we write with Full Figured Fierce.  So, I keep telling myself.. Don't give up Baby Girl.. Your daddy didn't raise no PUNK.  ( yea.. my self talk can get a bit abusive at times... hahaa. Hey don't judge me I was raised by a Marine.. HA!) And you know what.. I made it. I felt so good afterwards that I was able to work a full 8 hour shift, on my feet, without any pain. That's CRAY CRAY for me.

He told us.. it's going to hurt through that week and he was right. My muscles were craving the stretch.. And I remember him saying, you won't get better if you only do this on Saturdays. So, I've been stretching all week. Day 3 was a little hard but I stretched and worked my way through it.

It's an amazing class and you should try it.  The link below is how you get all the deets..  See you there...

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