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Boutique of the Month: Chatting with Bella Grace

Hey Queens HEYYYY!!!! It's been a minute but we are definitely back to chat with a very dear friend of mine. Queens.. Meet my Friend.. Lydia.. Mommie, Wife, Educator, Entrepreneur.

Fierce: So, Friend..Tell us who you are and what is your position?

Lydia: Hello Fellow Fashionistas, My name is Lydia Chappell -Williams I am the owner of

Bella Grace Boutique : LCW

Fierce: Yess, so tell us about your boutique?

Lydia: Bella Grace is currently located online Facebook

IG(LCw BellaGraceBoutique) , & Twitter . I also have a booth located at Sprouts Children’s Consignment Boutique in Decatur, Al .

Fierce: Now, you know I am a Bella Grace Doll.. I love this boutique. Tell us,

How would you describe the pieces in your line? Sexy, Chic, Traditional?

Lydia: Bella Grace aims to have Gorgeous fashion for all women …

My clothing is unique and chic ! We also carry traditional tunics and professional attire as well .

Fierce: Yes, you have beautiful pieces and we love your style. Because we are a full figured community, why should we shop with you as

opposed to going to the local stores?

Lydia: My Goal is to make every woman, regardless of size, feel beautiful and comfortable in trending fashion ! The clothes are chosen by me, so that I personally know the style and fit; which ensures that my customers have the correct sizing . Different vendors size clothing differently and it can be very tricky … I take the guesswork out for my customers.

Fierce: Yes, that can be a major issue with shopping online. You are very hands on when it comes to the clothing, sizing and styling of your customers, which I personally love. If a Queen wanted to order from you online,is there anything specific she would need to know about the sizing?

Lydia: I will ask said Queen what size she wears in a dress , pants, and tops …I may also ask her bust size, I also do personal fittings. A lot of women are wearing the wrong size clothing, which completely destroys an outfit . We as women have to stop being afraid of that “number “ and realize that size 12 , 24, and 30 are just that numbers ...and if you choose the correct size your clothing will accentuate your beauty even more.

Fierce: What were some of your favorite piece so far in your collection?

Lydia: At this very moment my Favorite heavenly piece of fashion is this Gorgeous Hi-Lo Peplum Jumpsuit ! So unfair by the way that I only get to choose one piece LOL!

Fierce: What's your price range?

Lydia: Bella Grace Boutique LCW's clothing prices range from 20.00 dollars up to 100.00 dollars…. I also specialize in special occasion dresses and or styles that vary in prices.

Fierce:So, spill Queen.. If you could dress a curvy celebrity who would it be and why?

Lydia:At this present moment I am completely obsessed with Gabby Sidibe … her strength, confidence, and fearless attitude is a fresh of breath of fresh air. I love the fact that she wears on trend styles, and doesn't care what her critics say !

Fierce GABBYYYYYY!!!! I love her.. She is breaking all the rules. That would be a really dope. And I honestly think it's a goal that you will achieve. What goals have you set for 2019 with Bella Grace?

Lydia: My Goals for the company are to continue to reach further around the Globe . To increase sales and visibility worldwide . We also strive to bless others especially those in need.

Fierce: Well, Sister I have thoroughly enjoyed chatting with you about Bella Grace Boutique, LCW. Do you have any final thoughts.. what would you like the world to know about your boutique?

Lydia: This has been my dream of mine for years ! I am so excited to be able to bring smiles and confidence to women of all sizes , ages, and ethnic backgrounds. I pray that I can be a blessing to someone as this boutique has been to me . I strive to never give up and to always achieve my goals …. My grandfather passed a few years ago in January. I started my business that March, I was so lost and hurt I was drowning in despair…. Losing him ….it was my wake up call that you can't wait for greatness you have to make it happen and God will add to your hard work ! My hard work will show other women and young ladies that it is possible to have a family career and follow your hearts desires.

Well Thank you Beautiful for sitting down with Full Figured Fierce for " A few of My Favorite Things.. The Boutique Edition. XOXO

I have to say I love this lady and her style. She keeps me completely fly for every event. You can catch her looks at the Alabama Black Expo in Huntsville, Alabama on August 11, 2018. Hope to see you there Divas...

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