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Belly LOVE : Plus Empowerment Week

Hey Girl HEYYYY!!!!

So listen... it is SET. We are Belly Dancing during Plus Empowerment Week and I AM GEEKED!!! O.M.G.!!!!

So, I was talking to a team member about events we should do during Plus Empowerment Week and she said.. " What about Belly Dancing?" I was sold instantly.

Here's why?

I have this thing about women being Powerful and Feminine, right? I know when we start planning PLUS SIZE events and someone says Dancing.. they typically want me to twerk or swing on a pole. Now, while I don't knock anyone for that, even when they feel like they need to give me a history lesson on twerking ... it just doesn't DO it for me. I have often felt different from alot of women because of my view on what is sexy.

"The opinions I'm about to speak are MINE. Dionne, noone else and I don't expect anyone else to agree. "

With that being said, I don't believe that twerking is all that sexy. I just don't... Have I ever twerked before ... OF COURSE.. I lived in Atlanta during the days of Ying Yang Twins.. But that was when I was younger and didn't understand my body and my power. The reason I have success stories with modeling is because I teach women how to get in touch with their inner goddess. Growing up, I didn't have many female role models to teach me about being a woman, so I studying women like Eartha Kitt. The grace and style... the way she could control a room by simply crossing its thresh hold was amazing to me. The way she angled her body in photos to create these unbelievable lines .... Chile Listen.. She is STILL killing everything moving in my book. WHY? Because she knew her POWER and knew exactly how to use it, with men and WOMEN.

So, fast forward to the Belly dancing... This is one of the most sensual dances I've ever seen. Your body has to do so much work just to hit these perfect positions. So, it forces you to learn your body and make it FOLLOW your lead. Again, I have nothing against those that twerk or pole dance.. They take a tremendous amount of skill... however...

As, I've been really researching Belly dancing more and I'm so in Love with the fact that it's so PLUS friendly. This is why it fits so perfectly with Plus Empowerment Week. These women move with such grace.. confidence.. strength....and control. That's exactly what I want my Full Figured Fierce Family to have.. Grace. Confidence. Strength and Control.

So, in March... we shall DANCE... are you coming? Check this out...

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