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And a Diva is Born...

Whoooooo Chile... Are you as glad that this is the last week of 2020 as I am? Sweet baby Jesus this has been a year. I lost a lot, gain some back, but at the end of the day.. Life keeps moving whether we want it to or not. So, I'm back to doing what I love.. because that's the only way to get through it all..

Speaking of what I love... Today is #PlusModelMonday on Full Figured Fierce. I made a post late last night because I needed a dope model to feature today. That's what I love, giving shine to plus models because we are learning that social media, at times, can be a whole HATER! side eyein' a few sites... Well, I only got one response so I posted it again and Muva came through.. Who is Muva, you ask? Well, she is MSNICKEE MACK, CEO of Diva Day International. (Press Pause: Baby, give that woman her respect and put the MS on her name. She ain't gone answer you if you call her Nickee. She doesn't know her so she won't answer you. Just saying)

Press Play...

So, Muva starts posting her starting line up. Her models consist of Faces of magazines, brands, boutiques and more. She is a WHOLE, LEGIT, agency. Her team works.

So, she starts posting the photos and the names of the models etc and it hit me. I have been back in the model game/ model development game for almost 10 years and rarely does this happen. What do I mean by that? Well, it's the photos.. Let's start there. When I was represented by my agency, we had to have things in order so that's what I expect when people send me photos.

The photos were clear ( professional). Now, I don't want that to sound like a put down to anyone else, but we have to say what it is...But let's not go there right now.. You can always tell that there is work put into the photos, meaning from the hair and makeup, to the wardrobe, to the photography. Things like that should be a MUST.... however;.... that's not always the case.

So, then I asked for their Instagram handles etc. Well, that all came together. So, things were organized. I inboxed her and asked how many models she had. She told me and was prepared to send comp cards or anything else I could have asked for. It was on point. So, I said to myself ... I said "SELF?" And I answered.. YES? ( don't judge me, I can talk to myself if I want to. That's my business.. ) I said, Why not go out with a bang and do an agency feature instead of one model? So, I answered again and said.. " You know that's a cool Idea"... I replied... I KNOW right?

I asked MSNickee to send me her lineup of size 12 and over and she went to work. And they are gorge...You will see them posted on our IG and Facebook soon but I just needed to highlight this dope, black, female owned agency for CONSISTANTLY being on point. I feel like this is becoming more of a FAD meaning.. people want to highlight them because it's cool at the moment.. But the people I want to introduce you to were doing this BEFORE it was "Cool" to Support PLUS. I said what I said.. Give people their flowers now.. Acknowledge the work.. That's all..

If you are looking for a model agency, I will always tell you to contact MsNickee Mack of Diva Day International in Atlanta Ga so that you have an amazing foundation to build on. Take the color out of it, the popularity and going on pure facts.. Diva Day has produced some amazing talent throughout the years. You can't deny it.. so celebrate it.

Meet THE BRAND MSNickee ( one word no period) Mack and Diva Day International. We are going to see if we can get her in on an interview soon. There is alot of knowledge for the model world out there...You just have to be open to learning and accepting it.

Make sure you check out Diva Day International on all social media links.. Tell em Full Figured Fierce sent cha.

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