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Empowered By

Dave Silas

On Thursday, October 23, 2014. my baby models and I were blessed to be apart of an event entitled  The First Annual Loretta Silas Jones Breast Cancer Awareness Photography Shoot put together by Capture the Moment Photograpy and Magazine Co Founder, Dave De Silas. As a tribute to his grandmother's memory who earned her heavenly wings after her battle to Breast Cancer, DeSilas felt a need to bring awareness to this deathly disease in his own way. With amazing photographers, the Cancer Society, Caregivers, Survivors and a male Breast Cancer survivor who spoke to the hearts of those in attendance, the message was very clear. This disease does not discriminate. Pink ballons, ribbons, and a colorful light display on the downtown Huntsville buildings set the atmosphere for this powerful event. It's a wonderful site to see men paying tribute to their family members and friends who fight this disease with everything they have. I am INSPIRED BY Dave De Silas and glad I was able to make it to this event.  I will be there next year as well. Click the title of the event to connect the official Facebook page and click here to follow Capture the Moment Photography and Magazine's group page. 

Anyone that knows me can tell you I was my Grandmothers Baby and when Breast Cancer took her it took a part of me with her. It was so Humbling to be able to do a Event in her names and have such Prominent People in Full Support. Top Photographers, Community Service Advocates, Sororities, Fraternities, Law Enforcement all there in My Grandmothers name.I'm Humble with Love and Appreciation "Billions is Da Mission is a Metaphor for A Big Heart bring Abundance of Prosperity.Continue the Fight against Breast Cancer and Domestic Violence ~ Dave De Silas 

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